Risk analysis enables you to better understand the impact risk has on your organization and your business objectives. The process of risk management involves identification of entity level and process level controls and risk associated with them.

It also involves review of adequacy of these controls as against the control objectives defined. Unicus delivers risk advisory services through internal and specific management audits.

Internal audit

A proven process to help you identify and assess material risks, develop specific mitigation strategies, and assess enterprise-wide technology platforms for ongoing monitoring and reporting. Internal audit gives process improvement areas as well cost saving strategies.

Building RCM matrix and operational testing

We assist the management in development of risk control matrix as required under ‘Internal Financial Control’ (IFC). We carry out detailed operational testing of samples under each process controls. We also assist in documentation of risk matrix as well operational testing of samples for management review.  

Specific management audits

Unicus undertakes specific areas for audits as required by the management. We have covered revenue audits, inventory audits, wage agreement audits under the ambit of specific management audit.

Forensic audits

Specific assignments are carried out by Unicus team for gathering of evidence against possible fraud, misappropriation or embezzlement. Forensic investigative procedures are implemented to gather and analyse data and determine conclusions.