Although the company might have its own accounts department, it still requires assistance on various fronts. Going beyond just mentorship, Unicus offers its expertise to such clients requiring turnaround and restructuring strategies. Unicus team goes on the ground to solve the problems of small businesses – drive their strategy, create business plans and assist them in creating a detailed execution plan.

Unicus helps business identify issues with root causes, prioritise them and then consider the most appropriate path to rectify them. Continuous monitoring by Unicus helps businesses stay on their pre determined path and pivot wherever required

Our corporate advisory services include –

Corporate Restructuring Strategies

The company might find its current structure difficult to operate and would like to restructure. Unicus offers strategies and modus operandi to complete it seamlessly.

Setting Up Financial Policies and Control Processes

While the promoters are busy in growing business, strong process form backbone of the sustaining business. Unicus offers its unique expertise in setting up apt controls and processes so that the organisation operates smoothly.

Advising on Turnaround Strategies and Implementation

Certain business processes restructuring and cost saving strategies might also help organisations come out from their sticky positions. Unicus offers perfect solution to any problem the company’s management might be facing.

Virtual CFO Including Temporary Hand Holding of Accounts Department

CFO plays a crucial role in the growth of the company. However, certain medium sized firms, new start ups and newly formed MNC subsidiaries may not afford to hire a full time CFO. Unicus experts work as CFO and hand hold the accounts to guide its growth from medium to large company.

Government incentives and subsidies

Uncius provides assistance to its clients in obtaining benefits under government incentives and subsidies. The support includes collection and submission of documents upto the stage where subsidy amount reaches the pockets of enterpreneur.