Technological advances, changing global scenarios, customer dynamics and workforce management leave entrepreneurs fully occupied. They often prefer to outsource certain non operational work to outside experts so that they can concentrate on their core areas of operations. Such services range from basic transaction recording to reporting to management.

Unicus employs such experts to render business support services that add these values to clients’ business consistently.

– Improved quality of support by experts on job
– More focus on the core competencies
– Global expansion made easy with centralised processing of data by experts

End to end financial accounting services

Accounting function is crucial to organisation however certain start ups and newly formed subsidiaries of MNCs opt to outsource their accounting function to Unicus instead of hiring a full time accountant. This gives them an opportunity to get expert services at a much lower cost.

IFRS and IndAS implementation

India has introduced new set of accounting standards for certain companies to bring them in line with international accounting standards. Unicus has experts on board who assist in seamless transition of the company from old Accounting standards to the new IndAS. The team also assists in group reporting under any international standards including IFRS and US GAAP.

Direct and indirect tax compliances

Outsourcing of accounting function is also accompanied by certain mandatory periodical direct and indirect tax compliances. The business support team of Unicus assists in staying up to date from tax compliance perspective.

Payroll processing and related compliances

Outsourcing of accounting function is many a times accompanies by maintenance of payroll of its employees. IT includes periodical compliances with labour laws and relevant income tax laws as well. The business support team of Unicus assists in processing of accurate payroll, disbursing it to the employees and getting the compliances completed.

Management reporting services

Accounting function is often followed by the periodical management reporting. It is even more crucial when the reporting is to its investor – either Indian or Internaitonal. Utmost care has to be taken that accruate information is reported in correct format. The business support team of Unicus takes care of this reporting.

Financial reporting and audit

The annual financial reporting and audit is again an important part of accounting function. The business support team of Unicus prepares the financial statements as required under statutory laws and is responsible for getting them audited.